At war with humidity? Win the battle with our secret weapon.

At war with humidity? Win the battle with our secret weapon.

Its a blistering 92 degree day and even though you want to stay indoors and enjoy your central air and Netflix you have to be a productive member of society.  Begrudgingly, you begin the disheartening task of styling your  hair even though you know as soon as you walk out the door, BOOM, your mane is an instant giant frizz ball of mass destruction.  Ah yes, humidity, every women’s worst nightmare and every guys worst wing-man. You hear word about new products guaranteed to tame and calm down locks all the time, but do they work? Nope. But what  if one could walk outside and have silky, shiny, beautiful hair despite mother natures wrath of fury during the summer months? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well guess what, its not! Here at Sadie Scissorhands we have unleashed a secret weapon that can combat any and all bad hair days for good. I introduce to you all our Keratin treatment.

This is a treatment that, unlike others, would actually repair the hair, work on all hair types, leave the hair silky, shiny, smooth and manageable while still allowing you to have control of the amount of volume and curl. It  leaves no line of demarcation, has accumulative results, and you do not have to wait three to four days before washing or styling their hair.  It will reduce your styling time by half which is awesome for those early mornings.  If your hair is wavy this will make your hair appear naturally straight and healthy. If you hair is curly, it will minimize frizz and loosen the curl while creating radiant shine and leaving your hair silky smooth.  The results will last anywhere from 3 to 5 months. Keratin is a protein and will be infused into your hair and will dramatically improve its condition. Also, its a chemical free process, we love that!

Here is one of our before and afters on our lovely client Alex.


After the treatment her hair was straightened  just from a blow dryer, no flat iron required!!

I do not even think there are enough words to accurately describe the profoundness of this treatment. Seriously. I have no words.  You’re are just going to have to experience it for yourselves or talk to our many,many, many (did I say many enough times? I didn’t think so either) many  clients who swear their lives by it.  There are still plenty of summer days ahead so call us and schedule your treatment right this second!!  Beat mother nature and be the envy of all your friends, family members, neighbors, and even strangers.




New year. New do. New you.

Lets face it, the winter months put a damper on our spirits. Between the monochromatic, drab  colors of white , black, and grey, to the bone chilling temperatures and the snot running down our faces after shoveling piles of snow off our vehicles, we could all use a pick-me-up. So I say THINK SPRING! And what better way to get in the warm weather mood than changing  your hair style up.  Try any of these latest trends to kick start your way into spring and get heads turning in your direction!

Colors, colors, colors!!
Reds are in high demands this season! Any and all hues of reds are fair game. As a fairly new ginger myself and I can certainly attest to the old adage “gingers have more fun!” ( okay so maybe it’s suppose to be blondes but this is the year of the reds, move over blondies!)
For our more daring folk, bright pastels are on point. Blues, purples, pinks, cotton candy, skies the limit.
And for those who go for a less dramatic look, ombre hair color is still as beautiful as ever. Color is an easy, fun way to make a drastic change effortlessly so don’t be afraid to try it out!

I know lots of ladies are growing out their long locks for those out of this world waves. But for those who dare to be bold chop those locks! And I mean CHOP. Short, pixie hair cuts are so major this season.  Whether you want something rock and edgy (think miley cyrus) or simple and soft (think anne hathaway) this look is completely versatile and fun!

Waves, buns, braids, oh my!
For those not as daring in the hair department there are a lot of great styles to mix up in your daily hair regimen.  Long sleek hair, long beautiful waves, side parts, and middle parts are always a hit. Easy up- dos, loose buns, knots, and braids can be thrown into any hair style quickly and make a huge impact on your tresses. If cutting your mane makes you nervous perhaps go with some bangs. Such a great way to make a difference without going overboard.  And of course where would a girl be without her accessories, add a statement headband, jewels, or a turban to your look!

Wake up that hair, spring is just around the corner( and down a couple blocks, and a few streets over, and across the bridge..) but it will be, eventually, on its way! Don’t leave your hair behind when it gets here.